HAMR DocumentationΒΆ

The material below is draft content for the HAMR Reference Manual (HAMR RM). Additional documentation is being rolled out by mid-November 2020 (see the itemized list below).

Top-level Outline of planned Sireum documentation

  • What is HAMR / HAMR Tour

  • Preparing to use HAMR (installation, gathering libraries, etc.)

  • AADL/HAMR Fundamental Concepts

  • HAMR Workflow

  • AADL/HAMR Modeling Essentials

  • HAMR Type System

  • HAMR/Slang Coding

  • HAMR/Slang Contract-based Verification

  • HAMR/Slang Simulation and Testing

  • HAMR/C Development

  • HAMR Project Deployment

  • Examples